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At Grace Legal Offices, we understand the severity of Protection From Abuse (PFA) charges and the critical importance of immediate, expert legal defense in such cases. Allegations of abuse can irrevocably tarnish your reputation, strain personal relationships, and have potential long-term consequences. Our team of seasoned criminal defense lawyers is committed to standing as your strong legal shield, rigorously defending your rights and fighting for your justice.

In the complex landscape of Pennsylvania’s legal system, a PFA can be issued based on a wide range of alleged abuse, including bodily injury, threats, stalking, or harassment. Whether you are facing a temporary, final, or emergency PFA, it is crucial to take immediate action. Ignorance or underestimation of the process can lead to a permanent blot on your personal record. Our dedicated team is equipped to navigate these complexities, delivering strategic legal counsel and robust defense that puts your best interests first.

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Protection From Abuse Orders in Pennsylvania

A Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order is a civil legal document that aims to protect a person from being abused, threatened, stalked, harassed, or sexually assaulted by another individual. It is most commonly sought in cases involving domestic violence charges or domestic abuse.

In Pennsylvania, the PFA process begins when an alleged victim files a petition for a PFA at the courthouse. This can be done even without the assistance of an attorney. The court may then issue a temporary PFA, which is granted immediately and remains in effect for 10 days until a final PFA hearing is held. During this time, the alleged abuser must refrain from any contact with the plaintiff and vacate their shared residence.

The final hearing is scheduled within 10 days of the temporary order and requires both parties to appear before a judge. At this point, the presiding judge will determine whether to grant or deny the final PFA, which can remain in effect for up to three years.

Indirect Criminal Contempt in PFA Cases

In Pennsylvania, violation of a PFA order is called indirect criminal contempt. The term ‘indirect’ denotes a violation that has taken place outside the court’s immediate view, such as breaching the no-contact or residence evacuation stipulations of a PFA order.

If you’re found guilty of indirect criminal contempt, you could face a range of penalties, including a fine of up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, or both. Furthermore, these violations can be noted permanently on your criminal record, causing potential complications in future employment, housing, or other areas of life. Immediate legal representation is essential in these scenarios to protect your rights and mitigate potential consequences.

Criminal Penalties of a PFA Order

If a final PFA order is granted against you, it may have serious implications on various aspects of your life, including your freedom, employment, and personal relationships. These include:

  • Mandatory surrender of firearms: If the court finds that you pose a threat to the safety of the plaintiff, you will be required to surrender any weapons in your possession.

  • Restriction on child custody and visitation rights: A PFA can limit your rights as a parent by imposing conditions for supervised visits or terminating your custody altogether.

  • Impact on employment: A PFA can affect your current or future employment, particularly if it involves a restraining order that prohibits you from approaching the plaintiff’s workplace.

  • Negative impact on background checks: A PFA will appear on your record and can have adverse effects on future opportunities, such as housing applications or job interviews.

Why You Need an Experienced Pennsylvania PFA Attorney

The consequences of a PFA order are far-reaching, and it is crucial to seek the counsel of experienced criminal defense lawyers who can protect your rights. Our team at Grace Legal Offices has a wealth of experience in handling complex PFA cases and understands the nuances of Pennsylvania’s legal system.

We offer personalized, compassionate, and diligent representation, working tirelessly to build a strong defense strategy that protects your best interests. Our team has successfully defended numerous clients against PFA charges, helping them overcome false or exaggerated allegations and regain their reputations.

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