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Kathleen Gadalla

kathleen gadalla

Founder of Grace Legal Offices, PLLC

Kathleen is the Founder of Grace Legal Offices. For Kathleen, Grace Legal Office’s family and criminal law practice is more than a professional choice. The law is her calling and she is a strong advocate for her clients. She has a profound belief, based on her educational experience and legal experience, that those facing the most trying legal circumstances deserve more than just a good lawyer. They are entitled to be treated with compassion, transparency, and for Kathleen, the dignity that stems from her deep Christian faith.

Kathleen’s invaluable experience in criminal defense and family law was established in the years she spent in practice before becoming a licensed lawyer. During that productive period, she served as a clerk and interned with the San Diego Public Defenders office for three consecutive years where she gained the experience she now brings to her clients’ cases.

Kathleen attended the University of California in Merced and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics and a minor in Cognitive Science. While attending college, she was on the Dean’s Honor Roll for three consecutive years.

She earned her Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego with a concentration in Criminal Litigation. While there, she was awarded the Warren Family Scholarship in 2016-2017 and the USD Academic Scholarship in 2015-2016.

In addition to her internship with the San Diego Public Defender’s office, Kathleen was also part of the Middle Eastern Students Association, advocating for children and Education, and was the Chairman of the Education Liaison Program. She also became an Educations Rights Holder, participated in the Domestic Violence Clinic, and was a Moot Court Alumni Tournament Competitor. 

She contributed to her community by being a Youth Advocate on behalf of first-time juvenile offenders arguing for them to receive alternative resolutions based on rehabilitation, rather than incarceration. She administered several bench trials advocating on behalf of juveniles and received positive verdicts for them that excluded incarceration. Kathleen also became the Director of the University of California law clinic, where she coordinated numerous events on campus for advocating student rights. She guided more than 260 students who required legal advice to appropriate lawyers around the Central Valley to assist with their cases from start to finish. She helped with issues ranging from immigration, family, and criminal law.

After Kathleen became licensed to practice law in California, she went on to serve as a Public Defender. After her time with the Public Defender’s office, Kathleen went into private practice at one of California’s most prestigious law firms. As an attorney, she has gained reputable experience in criminal, family, and civil law.  Her true passion for helping people in their time of need is indeed clear in every case she defends. Kathleen’s passion for justice shines brightest in the courtroom where she has had years of experience arguing in front of various levels of courts including lower-level courts, state courts,  appellate level, and federal courts. Kathleen has years of experience arguing at every stage of criminal and civil cases. Whether it’s a family legal issue, criminal legal issue, or any other type of issue, she applies the same passion to all her clients to help them resolve their legal troubles.

Kathleen is humbled that individuals choose her to guide them through their issues and allow her to comfort them when they are in the most challenging moments of their lives. She genuinely loves being an attorney because she not only helps people solve complex legal issues, but she solves real-life problems that anyone can face at any point in time during their life. Kathleen values being in her clients’ lives when times are the toughest for them and truly believes that being an attorney is the most trying yet rewarding career. 

On a more personal note, Kathleen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is currently a resident of York County, Pennsylvania. One of her many skills is being fluent in Arabic. Kathleen’s hobbies include hiking, long walks, sightseeing, and spending quality time with her husband who was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Penn State.



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