Need Family Law or Criminal Law Assistance?  Call Us (717) 635-8780

Need Family Law or Criminal Law Assistance?  Call Us (717) 635-8780


Who We Are

About Grace Legal

Advocating for families. Standing in defense of the prosecuted.

Grace Legal Offices was founded on the mission to provide client centered advocacy through the experience and excellence of our attorneys. Our work ethic and culture are reflected in our core values: 

  • Justice
  • Integrity 
  • Compassion
  • Results 
  • Grace. The value we believe to be the most important.

The Grace Legal Team has decades of experience in both state and federal courts. Kathleen, Michael, and Allissa are knowledgeable and experienced in family and criminal law matters. Kathleen founded Grace Legal with a profound sense of responsibility to protect the rights of clients. The years of work as public defenders, and advocates for victims of domestic violence and for children have molded them as litigators and as people destined to serve the needs of others when faced with the most challenging events life can throw at them – whether it be criminal prosecution or the dissolution of a marriage and family. 

They bring to each case and client a profound sense of empathy. In both family law and criminal cases, they have devoted their efforts to protecting their clients from either a system that is stacked against them or the pain involved from dissolving a marriage, breaking up a family and debating tough custody issues.

Meet Our Team

The Grace Legal Team

The lawyers and team at Grace Legal Offices have a depth of knowledge and experience in state and federal court designed to ensure that a client’s legal rights are protected and well represented. There is a reason Kathleen, Michael and Allissa struck out to form a firm based on the ideal that the law is for the client, not for the benefit of the lawyer.

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Who We Are

The Grace Way

The passionate advocacy on behalf of clients begins with a shared vision among the attorneys at Grace Legal. Every case and each client can expect from Grace:

The legal team at Grace Legal will always be ardent protectors of a client’s rights and promises fierce advocacy in and out of court. However, Grace knows cases are not just won in court. A successful outcome has several component parts:

What We Do

Legal Practice Areas

Grace Legal devotes its practice to only Family Law matters and Criminal Defense cases. These two areas of law demand a high level of experience, commitment, integrity, and passion. These are the traits found in the team at Grace. They were developed over the years in school, in advocacy, and in practice. 

Grace’s Family Law practice is devoted primarily to divorce and custody. These are emotionally charged cases with a great deal on the line as a family seeks to dissolve itself legally. While it is natural for emotions to run high on the part of the litigants, it takes the steady hand of the attorney to keep the case in line, moving forward and arriving at a just and compassionate result. 

The Criminal Law practice focuses on both state and federal matters. The team prides itself on being one of the few firms in Cumberland County that’s willing to handle the more complex federal cases. What this means for clients is they can expect a full spectrum of service and representation from Grace defending clients charged with either misdemeanors or felonies. Cases handled include DUI, assault, harassment, theft, disorderly conduct, and drug possession all the way up to federal money laundering charges, immigration, firearms, and embezzlement. 

Advocating for families.
Standing in defense of the prosecuted.

Our Testimonials

what clients say about us

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"Highly Recommend this law firm! They went above and beyond what I expected!"
"Very professional and trustworthy group of lawyers who care about their clients and are very good at what they do! Highly recommend Grace Legal Firm!"
"Kathleen is amazing! When I found out Kathleen opened her own firm I had to join her. Best attorney ever. She will always stand by your side."
"Kathleen is an amazing attorney! She does a great job listening intently and clearly communicates everything with her clients."